La Clef des Vignes

The Cahors Vineyards

Parnac is situated in the heart of the oldest vineyards in France.
The Vignoble de Cahors is renowned worldwide for its history and for its fine wines.
Malbec is the main grape variety and is in fact the essential grape variety of AOC Cahors.

Château La Caminade in Parnac

Luzech has been linked to the history of wine for 4 generations. 86 acres of emblematic varieties of grapes such as Malbec, Merlot and Tannat. (Sale and tasting – Red and Rosé).

Château Armandière in Parnac

A popular visit with tourists. 40 years of savoir-faire on these 4 terroirs on 54 acres in Cahors. (Sale and tasting – Red and Rosé).

Château St Sernin in Parnac

A personal welcome at the domain from Monday to Saturday to taste the AOC production from Cahors Le Malbec grape variety. (Sale and tasting – Red).

St Didier in Parnac

This vineyard is the largest of the appellation. It boasts a dark colour with a hint of ruby and is ideal with cheese, red and white meat and game.(Sale and tasting – Red).

Château Tour Labrunie

Our closest neighbour, Tour labrunie is an old establishment that has been passed from father to son since 1716. A modern vineyard.(Sale and tasting – Red).

Château de Parnac and Prieuré La Condamine

In the heart of the Carors vineyard. The Château produces three cuvées of AOC Cahors. (Sale and tasting – Red and Rosé).

Côtes D’OLT cooperatives

The shop in Parnac is open throughout the year. You will find a large choice of AOC wines from Cahors and local wines, available to taste.